Friday, September 26, 2014

Photos From Our Week

Making team t-shirts...a big thanks to parent helpers!

A little visitor and a caring big sis'

Math Workshop...working with prime factors, prime factorials, and prime factorization...practicing multiplication and division to build fluency

Language Workshop...writing summer episode personal narratives...independent reading...Friday's spelling test

This week, we were able to spend some time in the garden doing what we are calling Outdoor Classroom.  This outdoor learning component helps set the context for science learning for the year as we use observation to collect data.  Our conversations have been about how community is made of built and natural environments and the garden is a combination of both.  We were joined by my wife, Evie, who taught the kids on some drawing strategies including blind contour and regular contour, which both involve slow, careful observation.  Kids used these strategies as they collected data in the garden.

Kids began studying U.S. geography...learning state location and state capitals...and playing some "map features pictionary" along the way

We finished our Friday with Team Time...this week the kids voting for Four Corners

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