Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Classroom Notes


It was another busy and productive week for Team 20!  Monday began with kids practicing their keyboarding skills with Typing Club, telling stories about their weekends through an activity called “Partner Talkers,” and free writing.  Kids have been practicing typing with Typing Club for one part of their technology class with Mr. Jamesbarry every Friday.  In Room 20, the kids and I talked about the importance of practicing typing across multiple days each week.  I used a sports analogy, that typing only with Mr. Jamesbarry would be sort of like if the Blazers only practiced on Fridays for twenty minutes.  That would make for a tough game day!  Instead, “distributed practice” is a great strategy for building muscle memory and strength for everything from basketball to typing.  Kids are welcome to practice Typing Club from home.  They just need to login to https://lewis.typingclub.com/ with their Google username and password.  There is also a link on our blog in the “Links for Kids” section.

We have several projects in motion.  In addition to the usual language and math routines, kids are continuing our Road Trip USA Project, collecting data about their chosen states through reading books and websites.  Kids will wind up the data collection phase this week and shift to creating a Google Slides presentation.  Our conversations will also shift from talking about strategies for choosing credible sources and note taking to talking about designing a digital presentation.  Our state locations and capitals study continues this week with the Southeast states quiz on Friday.  Kids have been using the State and Capitals page on our blog to study.

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