Saturday, October 25, 2014

Photos From Our Week

As kids finished up the drafts of their Google Slides for our Road Trip USA Project, we began a phase of the writing process that we are calling "kid conferences."   During a "kid conference," kids meet together to revise and edit their writing while paying specific attention to the standards that were set for the piece.  Since this is a Google Slides presentation, standards related to design (does the slide look good), font (is the work readable), images (do the images connect and enhance the words), and words (are the words carefully chosen from the collected data and organized by bullets or short sentences in a clear way).  After conferencing with a kid, all kids conferenced with Mr. Mark.

Our Outdoor Classroom Project became more of an indoor classroom project this week due to the rain.  Kids have been practicing their drawing and nature observation skills in the Lewis Garden. 

This week we talked about how knowledge and observation are connected.  One way to know about nature is to focus on the connection between "form and function."  For example, the bird feeder at our window attracts the occasional chickadee.  The form of a chickadee’s beak allows it to pick up one seed at a time.  Something like a Cooper’s hawk, however, eats little birds like the chickadee with its big, curved beak.  The form of its beak functions to rip flesh.  

Kids then made observational drawings of leaves and flowers in their sketchbooks to hone in on the parts of form – shape, size, color, texture, aroma – as we highlighted specific adaptations to the form and function of these two natural objects.  

Workshops this week

Drop Everything And Read

Working on multi-digit multiplication

Library and music

Finishing our week with Team voted for Simon Says

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