Thursday, October 9, 2014

Photos From Our Week

Kids shared Summer Episode personal narratives together.  This writing project began with kids brainstorming their favorite summer episodes through drawing and pantomime.  Each kid then chose an episode, created a plan, used their plan to write a rough draft, conferenced with Mr. Mark, edited and revised their writing, and shared their final copy with a team.

Language Workshops and Priority Workshops this week included our Road Trip USA Project this week.  We are hittin' the road as "virtual tourists," using literature and the Web as our road maps.  Kids have chosen states and are beginning to collect data through reading books and websites to share with their teammates by creating a Google Slides presentation.  We have had conversations about strategies for citing sources, paraphrasing, and plagiarism.

Outdoor Classroom

Talking strategies and practicing multiplication and division skills during Math Workshop

Drop Everything And Read

A story and pantomime activities during library with Ms. Tori

Working with Animation-ish in technology with Mr. Jamesbarry

Sharing compliments at the end of PE with Ms. Layman

Picture day

Finishing our week with Team Time and four corners

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