Monday, November 24, 2014

Inside/Outside Mr. Jamesbarry

Inside/Outside Mr. Jamesbarry
by Sadie

For my interview project, I decided to interview Mr. Jamesbarry.  Mr. Jamesbarry works at my school, Lewis Elementary, as our amazing music teacher.  I decided to interview Mr. Jamesbarry because, first I wanted to know what he loves to teach and things like that and also what he does when he is not teaching.  To prepare for the interview I had the questions on my Chromebook and my teacher Mr. Mark had a digital recorder for me to use.  My title is Inside/Outside because I wanted to know what he does at school and outside of Lewis so some of my questions are of what he does inside of school and some are what he does outside.  

How long have you worked at Lewis?
15 years. I started in 1999 but only taught one day a week. Now I teach all five days.
What is your part about being at Lewis?
I like all of the student at Lewis.

What is your favorite thing to do at Lewis?
I think the Booming Beats is one of my favorite things to do at Lewis.

What is your favorite school event?
Recently my favorite has been the dance with the Lonesome Teacher Trio. But I have always loved Art Night, mostly because I think its the only event we have where everybody has something to show. Also the kids are also in the hall being docents and the all music.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
I like to sleep in and spend time with my sons. They both like sports so we play baseball together and basketball and they recently started liking soccer. One of my sons love Legos so we build Legos. Both of them like to fish so we do that. And we sometimes play music together

If you could meet anyone in the world who would you choose? (dead or alive)
I am going to say I would like to meet Steve Jobs. I just think he is a super fascinating person.

If you some how got 3 wishes what would they be? Why those?
I would love to be able to travel anywhere in the world whenever I want. I would want to travel the entire world. I don't have specific places to go, I just like going to new places. For my second wish I'd probably wish for peace. It could be neighborhood peace. I would save the last one so I would have that wish.

How long have you lived in Portland, Oregon?
I have lived in Portland since 1993, but I lived in Oregon for a long time. I went to the University of Oregon and lived in Eugene.

Where were you born?
In San Francisco, California.

If you could travel any place in the world where would you go?
There is so many places to go but I would probably want to go to India. India has really amazing music and the music in India is also very interesting and different. I would want to go to India to study a little drumming. I’m just wondering what all of the people do there do there. Do they live like us? And the food is amazing.

Do you have any children, who, how old?
My oldest son is 12, his name is Finn. My youngest is 9. His name is Lorenzo.

Do have any pets? What are their names? What kind?
I have a dog and her name is Matilda.  She is a Australian Shepherd and is 13 years old.  We used to have a cat but she died about 2 years ago. Her name was Lunchbox and Lunchbox was I think 19 years old.  Those were the only two pets we've had.

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