Friday, November 21, 2014

Photos From Our Week

Bike Safety concluded today with a group ride around the Lewis and Woodstock neighborhoods.  Many thanks to Emily and Laurie, our instructors, and the many volunteers who made today's ride possible.  

Weekend Talkers: Sharing stories about our weekends

We began a new read aloud this week by Daniel Pinkwater.

Kids finished their Eco-Critter Essays this week, conferencing with one another, and meeting with Evie the Editor and Mr. Mark for additional feedback.  We set a higher standard for this writing assignment as a team, because of our more public audience.  Kids will share their work through our Eco-Critter Exhibit in the Reed College Biology Building when we meet up with Reed students on December 4th.

Math Workshop

Kids made watercolor self-portraits during "Art with Evie."  Our Chromebooks served as a fine substitute for handheld mirrors!

Making electromagnets during Reed Science

Playing board games during indoor recess

Making pine cone bird feeders for a Science Camp fundraiser

Playing Blanket Name Game

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