Friday, December 5, 2014

Photos From Our Week

We began a poetry project.  Kids were outside in the Lewis Garden, observing and collecting images (or “seeds” as we call them).  We shared images aloud and wrote a group poem.  Kids will continue to collect images and “grow” their “seeds” into poems.  We are making use of the poet’s tool kit—line breaks, alliteration, repetition, and that wonderful word “like.”

Team 20 served at tour guides to Reed College students today at our Eco-Critters Exhibit in the Reed College Biology Building.  The exhibit will be on display for the next two weeks. 

Watercolor self-portraits are up on our classroom wall.  See them all here:

Gregory MacNaughton spoke about our upcoming trip to Reed College's Cooley Gallery to see the Supports/Surfaces exhibit.  He asked the kids, "What makes a painting a painting?"

Reading aloud Lizard Music

Practicing math

Practicing typing with Typing Club

Kids are into books!

Rainy day indoor recess

Making Rube Goldberg machines during Reed Science

Friday's spelling test

Basketball season has begun at recess!

Finishing Friday with Team voted for heads up seven up.

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