Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How We Made Our Poems

By Sadie and Kaylee

We began our poetry project outside by collecting seeds (poetic images) in our Lewis garden. We also collected seeds in our classroom, while on a field trip at Reed College, and some of us even wrote down seeds at our homes. We used our poetry journals to write down all of our seeds.

When we collected seeds we used our poetry tool kit. Our poetry toolkit helped us to remember to have a theme and to use tools like line breaks, personification, alliteration, similes, and repetition. We also used our senses and the language of form, which we studied in science, to add to our poems. Senses include sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Form includes shape, size, color, texture, and aroma. We also talked about how we could write from reflection, observation, and projection.

After, we used our poet’s tool kit and collected seeds, we grew them into poems. We added details about the seeds. We started by picking certain seeds but keeping a theme and then we typed up the chosen seeds on our Chromebooks. Then we did the same with the other poem.

One way we revised was by using our poet’s tool kit. We also used a poetry revising checklist, and did the following: we checked our spelling, we changed the order of lines and stanzas, we changed words to make them more interesting, and signed to know were finished. We conferenced by doing a kid to kid conference. We chose one poem we liked best. Then we conferenced with our teacher Mr. Mark.

For illustrations we used artist pencils. Artist pencils are a type of graphite pencil. We used them to make high contrast sketches connecting with our poems’ themes.

Lastly, we put together the poetry books. Everyone in the class made a poem from our collected seeds, used the poet’s toolkit, grew their seeds into poems, did a lot of revising and made an illustration. Now we all have one poem that we chose in our room 20 poetry book. Happy reading!

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