Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photos From Our Week

We spent most of Monday morning sharing stories about winter vacation using a drama activity called "freeze frame."

For the winter vacation essay, kids are planning their writing using a story map and webs.  They are conferencing with other kids and myself to revise and add to their plans before writing a rough draft on their Chromebooks.

We began a math unit on geometry and measurement.

Our poetry project is on display on the board across from the lunchroom.  Kids illustrated their poems with high contrast drawings using art pencils.  Here's a link to "How We Made Our Poems" by Kaylee and Sadie:

A foggy Lewis recess


We began daily drama class with Michael Wehrli and Danielle.

Watching the musical "Rise of the Evil Hamsters"

We always close our Friday with a "week's reflection."

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