Friday, January 23, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Team 20 began a Recording Books Project this week.  Kids will record their books in partner on a Chromebook and then edit the file using GarageBand with Mr. Jamesbarry in technology class.  Then CDs will be burned and be paired with the picture books to be read at the listening center by our first grade buddies in Mrs. Logue's class.  Kids are preparing by reading aloud with their audience in mind while attending to a set of standards that they defined themselves: 1) reading with clear voices that have a good volume and speed and 2) reading with enthusiasm and expression for characters and the narrator.  Nearing the publishing phase, we talked as a class about the need to pause to turn the pages and make a "turn the page signal."  I said that we could click a stapler to make the signal.  Then kids said, "We can do that in GarageBand!"  I felt very analog in my thinking at that moment!  It's good that we are discussing our plan for this project as it unfolds.

We read with our first grade buddies on Thursday.

Sharing winter vacation essays

Working in small groups during social studies

Finding the area of triangles and polygons

Library with Ms. Tori and PE with Ms. Layman...honing those climbing skills!

Kids are practicing drama with Michael and Danielle each morning.  Here's a letter that was sent home with kids today from the instructors:

Kids are practicing Typing Club and catching up on current events with Newsela, both of which are accessible from any computer with their Google Account.

Rubik's Cube races

Kids voted for "giving high fives" for Team Time this week. read that right!  :)

We then followed high fives up with a second round of voting for how to use our remaining time.  We finished our Friday with a few rounds of four corners.

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