Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Sharing stories from our weekends through Partner Talkers

Kids recorded books on their Chromebooks.  The next step is to edit the audio file in GarageBand with Mr. Jamesbarry in technology class.  We will give the CDs and books to our first grade reading buddies for their listening center.

We continue working with angles and measurement during math.  We are also revisiting multiplication facts.  We took a multiplication fact fluency test this week.  Many kids need to work on memorizing these facts.  To be fluent means that you can answer a problem like 6 x 8 in one second.  Please check in with your kid to see if they need continued practice at home.  We will retake this fluency test in two weeks to look for growth from continued practice.

For read aloud, we finished Shiloh.  Marty finally got his beloved dog and came to understand mean ol' Judd Travers in a new light.  "Nothing is as simple as you guess."

In social studies, most groups fared well during their ocean voyage during our simulation focusing on early colonization of North America.  Much of the learning for this activity has centered on conversations about how standards for communication, cooperation, and participation change in different social environments.  Small group work is complicated and kids are learning what it takes to work well together.

Kids continue to practice typing with Typing Club (  Kids are also reading current events at and coding at  They can log into all sites with their Google Account.

Stories with Ms. Tori and dancing with Mr. Jamebarry

Lunch helpers

Hopscotch at recess

Another fire drill in the books

Drama club began on Monday after school

Our snowflakes haven't yielded any snow yet but offer a pleasant view!

You'll have to ask your kid for the context of these photos.  :)

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