Saturday, February 7, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Kids did a great job with their drama performances.

The Portland Opera performing The Barber of Seville

Art with Evie...making Hallway Name Cards with our new art supplies funded by the Lewis PTA.

Beginning to edit recorded books in GarageBand for our first grade buddies during tech with Mr. J.

Writing Photo Stories...creative writing sparked by a photo.  This was Mr. Mark's favorite writing activity when he was in elementary school.  Some of the photos were the same ones that he wrote to in Mr. D'Onofrio's fourth grade classroom.

Solving polygon riddles, measuring angles, and determining the order of rotation and lines of symmetry during math

Reading poetry to kindergarteners in Ms. Camille's classroom

Chemical reactions during Reed Science

Music and library classes

Drop Everything And Read

Lunch Helpers

Recesses in and out

Playing the Oregon Trail game from way back when Mr. Mark was in elementary school...

Finishing our week with high-fives and four corners

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