Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Team 20 has been making signs to advertise for the Lewis Food Drive to benefit the Oregon Food Bank, which runs from March 2nd to March 6th.  Here is more information about the food drive:

Out in the garden for Outdoor Classroom with Kathleen

Having created a portfolio of photo stories, kids chose their best and revised it independently and with a teammate using the revising checklist we created as a team before conferencing with Mark.

We began our week by sharing stories from our weekends during Weekend Talkers.

Continuing to learn about the systems of the human body by exploring digestion and breaking down starch during Reed Science

Drop Everything And Read

Vision screening thanks to Multnomah Education Service District

The wave at recess

Music with Mr. Jamesbarry and PE with Ms. Layman

Kids earned Team Time and voted to play duck-duck-goose!

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