Saturday, February 28, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Sharing creative writing "photo stories" in the first edition of our classroom zine:

Monday morning partner activities...weekend talkers and partner writing

The Lewis Food Drive to benefit Oregon Food Bank runs next week from March 2nd through 6th.  Team 20 kids made colored pencil and watercolor signs to get the word out.  We met with our buddies in Mrs. Logue's first grade to make posters for the hallways.  Posters are up and collection boxes are outside of every classroom.  Here's more info:

During math, we've been learning ways to approach two and three digit division problems.  One strategy has us taking the problem apart and constructing a multiplication menu by thinking about how many, for example, groups of 12 there are in 252 or how many groups of 12 it takes to build up to 252.

Ms. Luscher taught in room 20 on Thursday while Mark was at the IntegratedEd conference.  The kids had a great day!

What color is that dress?  What began as a small group conversation led to learning about how to create a survey, looking at our data, kids finding an article about the science of why no one agrees, and then conversations about visual systems and Photoshop.

Reed Science

Lunch Helpers

PE, music, library, and technology

Finishing Friday with a vote for four square during Team Time

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