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Photo Stories


Write what the picture seems to say to you about what is going on or what the circumstances are. From such hints make up the rest.  A photo of a place may suggest a setting for a certain action; a photo of people talking, some characters and dialog; an action shot, some plot.  You may choose to write from either the vantage point of first or third person.  

For this writing assignment, you will write several stories and then choose your best to revise and publish.  To begin, create a new Google Doc titled "Photo Stories."  Write all of your stories in this single Google Doc.  Be sure to record the number of the photo from which you are writing.  This number can serve as a temporary title.

(From Active Voices I by James Moffett)


Day 12
By Henry

I have been doing well surviving out in the wilderness. No bears or raccoons have have stolen any of my food yet. But I have been running low on food. I think I’ll have to go hunting today or tomorrow. I walk over to my tent, grab a lighter and start a fire. When I’m done I cook some dead deer I found lying on the ground the other day. It was probably killed by a wolf or something. The sun sure is shining bright today. It would be a good day to go fishing. So I grab my pole and head over to my canoe. I carry my canoe over to the lake. It isn't a very far walk to the lake, only 20 yards or so. I set the canoe in the water. “Gosh darn it!” I say to myself. I had forgotten the paddles.

Taking Us Dogs for a Walk
By Sadie

We heard Jack call us into the river. “Come on!” he said.  I could smell a treat in his hand.  I think Jack had the bacon-filled biscuit to get us in the water.  It worked, but we were still clamoring for that delicious biscuit.  Vanilla, Lucy, Max, Maggie, and I romped around in the water.  Emma stood behind us clapping on the grassy bank.  I lunged for the treat and I almost got there first, but Max beat me to it.  He inhaled it, licking his chops.  I let out a cry of despair, “Arrroooo!”  We ran around chasing Jack, sniffing at his pockets, begging for a bacon-filled biscuit of our own.  Vanilla, the oldest, after trying just gave up and went over to be with Emma.  We don't get out much so I would say it was nice to splash in the water and get a bit muddy.  “Sadie, come here, girl!” Emma’s sweet voice called me over.  I splashed over to her, stepping in her reflection in the water on the way.  Jack came over when I did.  The clothes on his body were drenched, but he was still smiling.  Lately you don't see Jack smile that much with all the work he has to do, but he has always loved taking us dogs for a walk.

Strategies for a Strong Start

Begin with Dialog

21 - Ryan

As Levi went around the corner he thought, “Why did I join the Iditarod?

35 - Riley

Man, she is not giving me food, but she is to my big brother.

4 - Mimi

I wish it were a fact. I wish it were true.

9 - Sadie

We heard Jack call us into the river. “Come on!” he said. I could smell a treat in his hand. I think Jack had the bacon-filled biscuit to get us into the water. It worked, but we were still clamoring for that delicious biscuit.

2 - Mike

“I never should have left my friends and wandered off on my own,” thought Rick, as he gathered wood to make a fire. A meal of local berries and his last protein bar had left his stomach still growling for more.

3 - Franny

I wish I could be running. Not eating grass in this stupid field. All these other horses are just dumbos dreading the day when the farmer mows the beautiful green grass in the field or or at least when he hires some city boy wanting money for a new hairbrush to drive the mower instead. Maybe I’m daydreaming too much. Is it really worth the work? Anyway, I just wish that the farmer would get off the couch and take us out for a run.

Begin with Onomatopoeia (Noisy Words)

29 - Alex

Slrrrrp...slrrrrp...slrrrrp. We have been painting Farmer Brown’s giant silo near his barn for twenty-nine days straight. Slrrrrp...slrrrrp...slrrrrp. I dip my paint roller into the pain bucket.

Begin with a Visual Description

53 - Ashley

The rain slowly drips off my nose. The mud puddles splash as my teammates run across the rain soaked field.

21 - Natalie

Thump-thump-thump go the dogs’ paws against the snow. Two shoes on. Two shoes off. Running at full velocity. Their tongues hanging out of their mouths.


































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