Saturday, March 7, 2015

Photos From Our Week

We began a survey project this week.  Kids brainstormed possible survey topics and questions, conferenced in small groups to refine their question for survey, wrote a rough draft survey online, and conferenced kid-to-kid to revise their survey.  Look for surveys to be published by the middle of the week on our blog.  After that kids will analyze their results and publish their findings in our classroom zine.

 Photo by Mr. Lauer

The total is in...Lewis Elementary kids collected 712 food items for Project Second Wind and the Oregon Food Bank.

Drawing and assembling a symmetry quilt during Art With Evie

Read Across America

Monday morning storytelling, partner work, and workshop time

Putting the finishing touches on audio books in GarageBand and beginning to burn CDs for our first grade buddies to enjoy at their listening center

Outdoor Classroom in the Lewis garden with Kathleen

During math we are shifting from a focus on multi-digit division to fractions.  We will spend the next couple of weeks adding, subtracting, and understanding equivalences between fraction while revisiting long division from time to time in class.

Our current read aloud is The Watsons Go To Birmingham--1963.  We aren't to sure about Byron's life choices at the moment.

Practicing Spanish with

Library with Ms. Tori and music with Mr. Jamesbarry

During our visit to Sellwood Middle School on Friday morning kids were welcomed by the principals and given tours of the school by middle school student leaders.

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