Thursday, April 9, 2015

Creative Collaborative Creatures

Collaborative Creatures
By Sadie and Hannah

We made Collaborative Creatures with Team 20 and our first grade buddies in Ms. Logue’s class. First, one of us drew the head of any animal on the first of three sides on a folded piece of paper. Next, the other person drew a body of any creature on the second side of the paper. After the one who started drew on the last side of the slip, any kind of legs they choose. We did all this without looking at what the other buddy was drawing.
We opened the paper to see what the drawings were. One was a cat with ballerina feet. Another was a bird with an alligator tail. We did this again to make a second creature while the buddy waiting for their turn colored in the first. We also traced the outline in black Sharpie. We named our creators things like Meow or The Balanator, Akalagermoo or Spiketoothbutton.
Last we observed each other’s creations. It was really fun to walk around and see what people in Team 20 and room 6 made together. We never noticed how creative we all are. It was spectacular to get to spend time with our buddies and do such fun art crafts. We loved getting to see everybody’s art crafts they made. We hope we get to to do more art crafts with our buddies soon.

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