Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photos From Our Week

On Monday, we did several drama activities to reacquaint ourselves with one another.  We began with a series of quick-sketches, which led into some creative dramatics in small groups.  The kids were a hoot during the “freeze frame” activity.  The sort of activities from this morning serve a vital role in shaping our classroom as a community.  They serve as a way for kids to communicate about their lives and families, to interact and problem solve with peers, to move and speak in front of others, to have fun, and more!

Kids are putting the finishing touches on journal articles to share the findings of their surveys.  They are beginning to conference kid-to-kid and with Mark.

Outdoor Classroom with Kathleen

Exploring the brain/body connection during Reed Science by throwing beanbags at a target while wearing distortion goggles

Drawing spring kites

The symmetry quilt that we made with our first grade buddies is now on display in the dip.

Practicing typing with Typing Club

This week, a major emphasis school-wide (and likely district- and state-wide) was helping kids become familiar with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium testing format and procedures.  We took a practice test so kids could become familiar with the online interface, item types, and the supports that will be available as they take these tests beginning next Tuesday and then several more times during April and May.  As I mentioned in the last classroom notes, I am trying to fold the testing experience into existing classroom knowledge by situating the Smarter Balanced tests as a unique type of genre that has a related set of strategies.  The Smarter Balanced tests are very different from the former OAKS test.  Practice questions are available for you to review:

Reading The Watsons Go To Birmingham--1963

Voting for Oregon Reader's Choice Award books


Lunch Helpers

Another fire drill in the books

Four square during recess

Kids voted to play four corners during Team Time on Friday afternoon.

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