Saturday, April 18, 2015

Photos From Our Week

 Sharing survey project articles, which are now published in our classroom zine.

Kids created an interaction between their hand and a drawing. They used their Chromebook cameras to take the photos. Their work is currently on display in the hallway right outside of room 20 and on our blog.

Beginning the day with a Priority Workshop

Weekend Talkers: Sharing stories from our weekend to practice those ever important communication skills.

Practicing adding fractions during math


Ms. Camille's kindergarteners reading their poems in our room.

Programming with Scratch during technology with Mr. Jamesbarry and playing Mission Impossible during PE with Ms. Layman.  (Thanks Ms. Layman for the photos!)

Four square and weeding the rain garden during recess

A visitor at our feeder

Finishing Friday with some head's up seven up

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