Friday, June 5, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Last week we wrote a play together.  It is the story of a class who goes on a field trip to a forest and encounters an owl, a gigantic snail, and a string of fairy tale characters.  There will be two performances of “Once Upon a Field Trip” on Wednesday, June 10th at 9:50 and 11:10 for other Lewis classes, including our first grade buddies.   

Workshop time included writing letters to prior Lewis teachers, spelling practice, Typing Club, and Spanish practice with Duolingo.

Weekend Talkers

A couple of groups of kids began taking photos for the Summer Math Photo Challenge.  This week's theme was arrays and grids.  We posted on Twitter with the hashtag #mathphoto15 as did the fine folks over in @LewisRoom5.

Lewis Field Day

Taking a moment to stop through guided relaxation.

Programming a room full of Sphero robots during technology with Mr. Jamesbarry

One more Boomin' Beats practice

A circle game during our last library with Ms. Tori

Drop Everything And Read

A big thank you to Betsy and Kammy for their help with spelling this year!

Brainstorming our favorite episodes from our school year

Finishing Friday with a game of handball during PE that featured amazing sportsmanship and teamwork.  Then kids voted for heads up seven up for Team Time.

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