Sunday, September 6, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Sharing weekend stories to practice communication skills


Brainstorming our writing through drawing activities and an exercise from Lynda Barry's book, Syllabus. Then planning writing through making a web to organize thinking and kids conferencing together on their plans

Our first task of the school year is to decorate our room. Hallway Name Cards are now up near our door.

Our welcome sign, door sign, lunch tub sign, playground balls sign, number line, and more are all kid created.

Playing Crocodile River, and community game, began with kids working as individuals...

...and ended with kids communicating, developing a system, and working as a team.

Community games like Heads-Up-Seven-Up, Blanket Name Game, and indoor recess games are great ways for us to practice sportsmanship and those good ol' interpersonal skills that go into working well together.

We logged into Chromebooks for the first time this week. Kids took a survey, began Typing Club (which they can log into from any computer with their Google Account), and RAZ Kids reading. Login information for Google and RAZ Kids will come home on Wednesday in your kid's THF.

Kids are into books during SSR.

We began reading Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Ask your kid about mean ol' Judd Travers.

PPS replaced a cracked window in our classroom on Tuesday. A big thanks to the worker for answer all of the kids' questions.

Some yoga to cool down at the end of PE with Ms. Layman

Talking about school-wide behavior expectations with Ms. Liz

Bus safety drill

Our first fire drill is in the books.

Lunch helpers

Four square, horses, and soccer at recess

Kids earned Team Time and voted to finish Friday playing Four Corners.

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