Monday, September 28, 2015

Photos From Our Week

Our Outdoor Classroom study continues with a focus on observational drawing as a tool for data collection. 

Revising Summer Episode rough drafts

Sharing Summer Episode narratives

The day has been including morning workshops, language workshops, and priority workshops.

Making strides on our Alphabet Project

Practicing communication strategies through Weekend Talkers

A renaming numbers math activity

During S.S.R., many kids are choosing to read along with an audiobook.

Mr. Brent joined us this week.

Sharing about Sunday night's lunar eclipse

Part of our ongoing conversation about self control is this ooze tube activity shared with me by Rena Kornblum, a movement/dance professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lunch Helpers

Music and PE classes

Recess were indoors and out.

Kids voted for board games during Friday's Team Time.

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