Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Classroom Notes


It was another busy and productive week for Team 20!  In addition to the usual routines, kids began learning to identify native Oregon plants and trees in the Lewis Garden with Ms. Kathleen, learning about research databases during media class with Ms. Redmond, and continued coding during technology class with Mr. Jamesbarry.  During language, kids conferenced with partners and myself about their plans and began writing a rough draft letter to their pen pal.  We read with our buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade on Thursday.  In our read aloud, Lizard Music, Victor, the Chicken Man, and Claudia the chicken have just reached Invisible Island after paddling their yellow raft to the middle of Lake Michagoo.  We have been working with the properties and areas of shapes during math.  Kids have also been figuring out the KenKen system and solving some math puzzles with partners.  If you’ve never tried KenKen, here is a nice set of directions and the website full of puzzles that we are using.  Kids can choose from a variety of puzzle sizes and types to find a good fit.

Lastly, I will be rescheduling the field trip to Reed College's Cooley Gallery that was mentioned on the flyer welcoming parents and family to join.  Low and behold Wednesday, October 14th is a late start morning.  Whoops! 

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