Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Classroom Notes


This week, we met with our reading buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade.  Each Team 20 kid brought a book to share with their buddy and each first grade buddy had a favorite book ready, too.  There was some super expressive reading going on!  Here are some reading buddies photos (!

Kids are revising and editing their Eco-Critter Essay rough drafts on their Chromebooks with partners and with me.  These expository essays explain how their eco-critter’s forms fit their function in the ecosystem.  On Tuesday, November 24th, we will be walking to the Biology Building at Reed College.  There we will serve as tour guides at our Eco-Critters Exhibit for Reed College science students.

Speaking of field trips, we have just scheduled a salmon release trip for the afternoon of Thursday, December 10th.  We will take TriMet to Jefferson St. Park to do some water quality testing, release our salmon, and play some games with our Reed Science teachers.  A permission slip can be found in your child’s THF.  Our Reed Science teachers have been answering the kids’ science questions on our Reed Science Q&A page (

We have been working on those good ol’ multiplication strategies during math.  Here’s a math game that we began playing this week called Shikaku (  It is good for practicing the connection between area and multiplication, which is a useful modeling strategy.

Last, but not least, a reminder that library books are due every Wednesday.  If kids plan to keep a book for an additional week, they can tell Ms. Tori during library class on that day.

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