Monday, December 14, 2015

Google Expeditions

Update 1/5/16 - I am pleased to share that our Google Expedition has been rescheduled for Friday, January 22nd!

Update 1/4/16 - Because of our snow day today, Mr. Lauer will reschedule our visit with Google for a later date.

On Monday, January 4th, Google will be bringing Google Expeditions to Lewis. Google Expeditions is a virtual reality experience that provides students with an immersive experience on a wide variety of topics and places.

Team 20 will take a virtual field trip to the largest living thing on Earth, the Great Barrier Reef.

This map shows where the Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of northeastern Australia. The reef stretches 1,400 miles along the coast and covers an area of over 130,000 square miles.

Google Expeditions uses something called Google Cardboard, which is a virtual reality platform developed by Google that uses a folded cardboard attached to a smartphone. This is what Google Cardboard looks like.

We will be treated to 360 degree views similar to the one below. It will feel like we are swimming along side what we are seeing.

Want to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef and other coral reefs? Here are two Newsela articles for your reading pleasure. One is titled Coral Reefs Prepare for Warmer Waters and the other is Reef Recovery Off Florida's Coast Helps Environment and Economy. If you would like to read an in depth National Geographic Magazine article, you can try Great Barrier Reef: A Fragile Empire. Here's a video connected to the National Geographic article.

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