Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Japanese Incarceration

We are learning Oregon history about the story of people of Japanese descent before, during, and after World War II.

Please watch the following videos about Japanese incarceration from the Densho website. As you watch each video, please complete an Information/Questions/Connections sheet. You will use your notes when we come back together as a team to talk about what we learned.

Part One: A Community Grows, Despite Racism

Part Two: Looking Like the Enemy

Part Three: American Concentration Camps

Part Four: Responses to Incarceration

Part Five: Righting a Wrong

Part Six: Why Does This Matter Now?

After you finish your notes for the videos linked above, you are welcome to watch this video titled Why I Love the Country that Once Betrayed Me by George Takei. In this talk, he reflects on his family's experiences before, during, and after their time in a concentration camp. He was five years old at the time of their incarceration.

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