Friday, April 29, 2016

Photos from the Write_On Challenge

Write_On Comes to an End
by Eleanor

As the week passes, so does a long and loved project. We say, “Good-bye!” to the Write_On Challenge, the project to write 30 letters in 30 days for the month of April. We celebrated on Friday by having a Last Letter Party, complete with lemonade, popcorn, and a last letter. We are disappointed to say, “Bye!” to Write_On, but we will keep writing on! 

Mr. Mark adds: Thank you again to Egg Press, Hello!Lucky, Chronicle Books, and MohawkPaper for providing Lewis fourth grades with a generous supply of letterpress cards and envelopes to make this project possible. As Mr. Lauer wrote, “It was great see our students involved in the daily practice of reflecting and writing to family and friends.” Write_On is something we will surely want to continue in the future! 

Some quotes from Team 20's last letters, which were written to the project's sponsors...

  • "Thank you all for the different cards, envelopes, and for making the Write_On Challenge."
  • "The cards you gave us were amazing!"
  • "Just to let you know, we enjoyed the challenge!"
  • "The Write_On Challenge was one of the best things I did this year."
  • "I never knew letter writing could be so fun!"
  • "What I enjoyed about this project is that I get to write to friends and family I haven't seen or talked to in forever!"
  • "I enjoy that it is so relaxing."
  • "You taught me that the best type of letter is handmade."
  • "I think writing letters is important because it gives you time to put thought into it."
  • "Writing letters is a lot more fun than texting somebody."
  • "I say letter writing is important because people don't take their time on emails, they just write a couple words and are done. But with letters, people care. They tell you about the person."
  • "I think handwritten cards are important because it really brings you together."
  • "By writing letters I have opened a new hobby, writing letters!"
  • "This project was so fun and it's inspired me to write two letters a week."
  • "The Write_On Challenge has inspired me to write more letters in my life."
  • "I want to do this again next year."

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