Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Classroom Notes


This week, three news stories are written by guest journalist, Eleanor, who is Senior Editor of The Team 20 Chronicles. These stories include Write_On Comes to an End and two other stories, Taking a Stand for Trash and Wall Ball Booming, which appear below.

Write_On Comes to an End – by Eleanor– As the week passes, so does a long and loved project. Write_On Challenge, the project to write 30 letters in 30 days for the month of April. We celebrated on Friday by having a Last Letter Party, complete with lemonade, popcorn, and a last letter. We are disappointed to say, “Bye!” to Write_On, but we will keep writing on!
We say, “Good-bye!” to the

Mr. Mark adds: Thank you again to Egg Press, Hello!Lucky, Chronicle Books, and Mohawk Paper for providing Lewis fourth grades with a generous supply of letterpress cards and envelopes to make this project possible. As Mr. Lauer wrote, “It was great see our students involved in the daily practice of reflecting and writing to family and friends.” Write_On is something we will surely want to continue in the future! Here is a collection of photos from this project.

Remind – A number of Lewis teachers have begun using Remind as a communication platform for their classrooms. Remind allows me to share messages with families. You can choose to receive messages by text or email. I plan to use Remind for three purposes. Each week I will send a message to share that our new Classroom Notes are up on our blog. I will also send a message to share field trip or event related reminders. A third purpose will be to share library book reminders. I welcome you to join our classroom.

Lewis Art Night – Lewis Art Night is on May 12th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Please complete this form to sign up to be a docent in charge of explaining one of our pieces of art during Art Night. A flyer about sign up went home last Friday. Please sign up by Thursday, May 5th.

Taking a Stand for Trash – by Eleanor – There have been some problems in Lewis bathrooms with people throwing trash on the floor instead of in the trash cans. A resolution to the problem is in Team 20’s hands. We are making signs to advertize the importance of putting trash in the cans. We are still wondering if it will work. Scarlett says, “I think it depends on the sign. If it is happy and colorful, then it will work.” Remember to throw away your trash!

Wall Ball Booming! – by Eleanor – Nearing the end of the month, many more people are playing wall ball. We are unsure why, but wall ball expert Makeda says, “I think people are encouraged and excited about it getting warmer so they are playing a classic.” Scarlett, a wall ball lover, says, “I think people’s friends are playing it so others play to be with their friends.” These are both interesting theories, but we may never know for sure the secret of the wall ball boom.

Mark and Eleanor

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