Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Classroom Notes


Team 20 has had yet another busy and productive week. Our poetry project continues.  Kids are growing the seeds (poetic images that they collected in their sketchbooks through observation in the Lewis garden) into poems. We are working on poetry revision by focusing on line breaks, alliteration, similes, and repetition. We also began writing a play as a team about a class playing FedEx tag while riding the city bus on a field trip and the resulting intergalactic exchange that occurs between the kids and the FedEx aliens, known as “FedExians.” We will perform our play during the last week of school. Be sure to look for more details in next week’s letter.

We met as a team on Monday and talked about some goals for the time we have left. I shared a sports analogy about how even the strongest teams can let their guard down as the season comes to a close. The final moments can transition from being productive to lackadaisical and from being focused to unfocused. So the goal for our team during our remaining weeks is to “stay strong.” Stay strong means something slightly different in each context, whether it is coming into the room and choosing a priority during the morning routine, transitioning through the hallways to specials, being focused during writing, choosing a good spot to read during independent reading, and so on. 

During our team meeting, we also talked about how summer reading is incredibly important for kids and their academic achievement. Kids who don’t read over the summer experience learning loss and actually forget some of what they’ve learned. We talked about how this effect is cumulative, that this loss can build over multiple summers. I am happy to share that all kids at Lewis are already enrolled in Multnomah County Library’s Summer Reading. Kids will bring their game board home during the last week of school. MCL’s Summer Reading encourages kids to read whatever they want, which helps grow a love of reading. This sort of summer reading program helps to make-up for this “break” in learning and results in positive reading outcomes when kids return to school in the fall. If your kid doesn’t have a library card, here’s how to sign up for a library card.

Speaking of libraries and reading, all Lewis library books are due back by May 31st.


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