Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Classroom Notes


Team 20 has had another very productive and busy week. We wore our Team 20 t-shirts on Monday, creating a blanket of blue and orange in our room, down the hallways, and around the school. A big thank you to parent helpers!

We had our second meet-up with our buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade. We continued our Outdoor Classroom study, observing the world around us. We began technology class with Mr. Jamesbarry. We also had a visit from my wife and twin daughters. During math, we are continuing to learn about area and are moving into learning about an area model for multiplication. Photos of buddies and Outdoor Classroom and more can be found on our Twitter feed @LewisRoom20.

During Language Workshop, kids are planning a letter to their pen pal in Mrs. McCollister’s fourth grade at Marquette Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. They have been working with a partner to revise and edit their plans. Alphabet posters for our walls and independent reading are going strong. Many kids are opting for audiobooks…listening while reading the words in the book. The Multnomah County Library has a tremendous selection of downloadable and streaming audiobooks. Again, reading the words while listening to the audio is key for this reading approach.

We also had many conversations about “self-control” this week. Perhaps the kids are starting to understand the advantages associated with self-control! 

Lastly, does anyone have a 10 or 20 gallon fish tank that we could borrow for a science activity that is a couple of weeks away?

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