Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Classroom Notes


We had another busy and productive week in room 20! Kids are organizing their eco-critter essay planning webs and sharing in-progress webs at the end of each workshop. Our project to record audiobooks for our first grade buddies is taking shape. Kids are practicing reading fluently and expressively, and about a dozen books have been recorded. We discussed a title for the project and website that will host the books and Read Along Books received the majority of votes. Kids are having fun making something to celebrate and support reading in our Lewis community. We joined forces with room 22 in making posters to inform our school community about the importance of voting and that voter registration in Oregon ends October 18. We also read and discussed a Newsela article about how Halloween costumes can impact other people. During Reed Science, kids learned about food webs and played some food web games. Our Reed Science teachers are connecting nicely into our ongoing conversation about eco-systems and plant and animal adaptations.

One of our first assignments of the school year focused on decorating our classroom. Our Alphabet Project was a vehicle for teaching the same process that kids use for their writing...that writing goes from "private" to "public." Private work is for the self and includes creating a plan, conferencing on that plan, then creating a rough draft, conferencing on that rough draft, and making some revisions/edits. We say that public is for others and that audience helps to determine the standards of quality and acceptance. The kids' work looks good. Without a doubt, we are the only classroom in the nation with an alphabet above the chalkboard that includes Calvin & Hobbes, an evolved electric eel editing an eclipse, haggard, underhand pitch, and a xiphias!  Here are photos of our Alphabet Project.

Team 20 will be walking to Reed College’s Cooley Gallery on the morning of Thursday, October 27th, for a gallery tour. Reed’s Outreach Coordinator, Gregory MacNaughton, will visit room 20 tomorrow to frontload what we will see at the exhibit. It is bound to be a great time! Please help your kid remember to wear their Team 20 t-shirt for next week Thursday’s trip.


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