Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Classroom Notes


Team 20 had another busy and productive week. Kids are using their plans to write their Eco-Critter Essay rough drafts on their Chromebooks. These expository essays explain how their eco-critter’s forms fit their function in the ecosystem. With our Read Along Books project now almost ready to share with our buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade, we began practicing some readers theater scripts to share with them through performance in our room this coming Friday. This is another great opportunity for kids to practice reading with expression while developing their reading fluency.
Speaking of reading, kids are definitely into books each day in our room. Thank you for helping them also organize time to read for at least 30 minutes each day at home. I love hearing kids’ favorite places and times to read. Many kids are opting for audiobooks during reading in our classroom, which means that they are listening to audio version while reading the words in a paper version of the same book. 

Kids can read along to audiobooks at home, too. The Multnomah County Library has a tremendous selection of downloadable and streaming audiobooks. Again, having the good ol’ paper version of the book and reading the words while listening to the audio is essential for this reading approach.

In other news, kids have been working on creating artwork using paper, a Sharpie, their Chromebook, and their hand. Our completed works will be shown in an exhibit in the upstairs art space at Woodstock New Seasons for the month of November. 

Our salmon eggs arrived. We will continue learning about salmon adaptations, ecosystems, and life cycles this fall during Reed Science. Math this past week was about area and perimeter. Please continue to support your kid with practicing the math skills that I shared earlier this month. We will have a check-in assessment on those skills next week.

I need to mention that we have had a few days during the past two weeks where five or six kids arrived late. This surprised me, because usually everyone is here on time every day! Please remember that our school day begins at 8:40. It really helps kids when we can start our day together. Please be sure to contact me if there is ever anything that I should know about or that I can do to help with on time arrival.

Last, but not least, please help your kid remember to wear their Team 20 t-shirt for Thursday’s walking field trip to Reed College’s Cooley Gallery.


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