Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Classroom Notes


We had another busy and productive week in room 20! Kids are continuing to write their eco-critter essays to prepare for our upcoming exhibit at Reed College. (More details on the exhibit below.) 

On Thursday we visited Reed College’s Cooley Gallery to see the work of artist Brad Kahlhamer. The exhibition featured a number of works including dozens of sketchbooks and a collection of small sculptures, what Gregory MacNaughton referred to as contemporary Kachina figures, which were made from objects found around the artist’s home in New York’s Lower East Side. Here are some photos from our visit

On Friday we shared two readers theater performances with our buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade. Kids are eager for our salmon eggs to hatch as part of Reed Science. Last week kids played a salmon life cycle game and concluded that being a salmon is tough. 

Also this week, kids finished making artwork using a piece of paper, a Sharpie, a Chromebook, and their hand. Our completed works will be installed in the upstairs art space at Woodstock New Seasons tonight and will be on display for the month of November.

Several flyers were included with today’s Classroom Notes. First is an invitation to join Team 20 on the morning of Tuesday, November 22nd when we serve as tour guides at our Eco-Critters Exhibit in the Biology Building for Reed College science students. 

Second is a flyer with a reminder of your day and time for next week’s conferences. The kids are working very hard, and I am looking forward to our talk together about all the fine things your child has accomplished! 

Third is a free pass to all federal parks, lands, and waters (e.g. national parks, like Crater Lake or Mount Rainier). This free pass, available to all fourth graders in the country from everykidinapark.gov, is good until the end of next August. Thanks to Laura Troxel for sharing.


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