Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Classroom Notes


It was great to see all of you at Parent-Teacher conferences this week. The kids of Team 20 have worked very hard. It was good to share their stories and their successes. I learned a lot. I feel I know you and your child much better than I did at the start of the week. Thank you!  

We began our Monday by watching President Obama’s remarks on the election results and talked as a team about where we go from here. It is clear from our talk that some kids feel anxious or unsure about what is happening in our country and what this means for them. I shared some examples of how people that I know are working to go forward and stay strong. One example was how a teacher in our hallway added a sign over her door which reads, “All are welcome here.” That is a message that I want for Team 20, that we will continue to be a caring, respectful, and inclusive classroom community. I am proud of who we have grown to become as a team during these past two months. As a teacher, I will continue to support this growth and help kids learn how to work together, speak up when necessary, solve conflicts, and live with people who are similar and different from them so that they are better prepared to enter a world that is still learning how to do this.

Lastly is a reminder about our walking field trip from Lewis to the Reed College Biology Building to share our Eco-Critters Exhibit with Reed College science students on Tuesday the 22nd. Please help your kid remember to wear their Team 20 t-shirt!

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Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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  1. Thank you for providing a safe environment for the kids to express their feelings!