Monday, November 21, 2016

Eco-Critters Exhibit Introduction

By Precious, Adam and Mr. Mark

Welcome to Team 20’s Eco-Critter Exhibit. Our project began out in our school garden. Kids collected data about plants through drawing and writing. Back in our classroom we shared our drawings and what we noticed. We practiced doing really detailed drawings of flower and leaves, focusing on the different forms that each of these object had and how they functioned. On our following trip to the garden, kids had super detailed drawings. We were really observing carefully and thinking about form and function. Next we had a phytoplankton lab. Working in partners we created our own phytoplankton out of clay, pennies, straws, Styrofoam, and foil with the goal of reaching neutral buoyancy. This is because phytoplankton have adapted to stay close to the sun and move in the water column. To create our eco-critters, we used the information we had from the garden and our phytoplankton lab to make a fantasy creature that has its own forms and functions in an ecosystem. We used puff balls, straws, toothpicks, tissue paper, wiggly eyes, and other craft materials. We organized essays around the different systems that our critters all have: food/water, shelter, protection, communication, and movement. We created plans to organize what we brainstormed and used these plans for writing our essays in Google Docs on our Chromebooks. Thank you visiting our critters!

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