Thursday, November 3, 2016

Interaction Art Exhibit


by Malcolm, Precious, and Mr. Mark

Welcome to Interaction by Team 20, a fourth grade class at Lewis Elementary School. We created interactions between a piece of paper, a Sharpie marker, a Chromebook, and our hands. We began by making a drawing on paper in a way that included our hands. We used the camera app on our Chromebooks to take the picture. To do this, one person would hold the paper and the other person who made the drawing would use their hand to make the interaction. This took a lot of teamwork to get the picture right. We saved our best interactions to our Google Drive and inserted them into a Google Doc. From there we cropped the pictures so that they only showed the paper and our hand and not the background of our room. We adjusted the contrast and brightness so that the image was black and white. We hope that you enjoy this exhibition!

Our artwork will be on display in the upstairs art space at the Woodstock New Seasons Market during the month of November.

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