Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Classroom Notes


This week’s Classroom Notes is written by guest author, Sophia, who is Senior Editor of The Team 20 Journal.

Salmon Release Field Trip – by Sophia – Team 20’s salmon release field trip was last Wednesday. We began with a walk down to stop 75 right outside Lewis with a bucket full of salmon generously donated from Ms. Elisa and Ms. Rotwein. Once we got off the bus we hiked down a trail to the Willamette. We emptied our fish in the river and tested the water’s pH, which was a healthy 7, and checked the temperature, which was 45 degrees. Then we played a salmon lifecycle game. It was challenging but the more we played the better we got. Our schooling strategy worked best.

Regions of Oregon Travel Brochure – by Sophia – Team 20 has been working hard on our Regionsof Oregon Travel Brochures. We have picked out regions and worked in groups to highlight an informational reading. From there we are taking notes. We also worked on making maps to go with our brochures. Mr. Mark adds: This week, kids are taking their research notes and drafting paragraphs. We have also been looking at travel brochures and thinking about layout and design strategies. Rough drafts are due on Friday the 9th and final copies will be shared through presentations on Thursday, December 15th. More details about this project can be found on our blog

Our final day together in December begins with the 4th Grade Family Breakfast and Sing-Along. This event will take place on Friday, December 16th, beginning with an 8:15-9:00 breakfast in room 22 and followed with a 9:00-9:30 sing-along in room 20. For the buffet style breakfast, please bring a serving size of a store bought healthy breakfast item to share, such as pre-bought fruit salad or pre-washed small fruit, bagels and cream cheese, muffins, or granola bars. Please do not bring sweets, such as donuts. Teachers will provide drinks, dishes, and cutlery. Please come by when you can and stay for the whole event or part. A red flyer sent home last Friday has more information.

In other news, the Mercy Corps card fundraiser, which we joined, led by Ms. Kennedy and her class, was a success at last Saturday’s Lewis Holiday Bazaar. All told, $400 was raised for the organization to use to support people. During math, kids have been practicing strategies for solving multi-digit multiplication using a base-ten sketching strategy. Our Interaction art project is down from its show at New Seasons and is now up in “the dip” at Lewis for the month of December.

Last, but not least, a state testing opt-out form is included from the school with today’s classroom notes. If families choose to opt-out of state testing, they must submit this form to Tracy in the office before actual testing begins. Please be aware that you must mark on the form each test that you want to opt-out of. The statewide testing window for the Smarter Balanced tests is February 7 to June 9. Lewis plans to schedule tests to begin in late April and end by June 2nd. The district states that teachers can neither promote nor discourage participation in state testing; that opting out is a parent decision. However, if you have any questions about the tests, please do not hesitate to ask.


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