Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Classroom Notes


It has been another busy and productive week in the world of Team 20! It was nice to finally have a full week of school to get back into our routines.

Letters to our pen pals in Madison, Wisconsin, are taking shape. Kids are shifting from planning into conferencing and drafting. During this project, we have had many conversations about letter writing strategies, including writing with our pen pal audience in mind by leaving them with good questions to answer to keep the dialog going. For example, this could mean a kid writes about their love of four square at recess here at Lewis and asks, “What do you enjoy most at recess?” instead of asking only about four square. Kids are taking this to heart; I overhead two kids conferencing on a plan say, “An open question would be ‘What animals do you like?’ A closed question would be ‘Do you like cows?’”

We finished up watercolor name cards, which are on display in the hallway near our door. We also finished a mini math unit on area and perimeter and are beginning a math unit on fractions and division.

We met with our reading buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade. There was some super expressive reading going on, and our buddies surprised us with thank you cards for the Read Along Books we made them.

Reed Science resumes on Thursday, February 9th at from 1:15-2:15. During Reed Science, three Reed College students take the lead in teaching the kids of Team 20 through a variety of hands on, inquiry-based experiences in science. If you would like to volunteer during Reed Science, you are more than welcome.  Please send me an email ( or drop me a note.

Lastly, a pink flyer about Valentine’s Day was sent home today.  

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