Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Classroom Notes


Team 20 has had another very productive and busy week. During Language Workshop, kids are truckin’ along on reply letters to our pen pals in Madison, Wisconsin, editing and revising letters in partner and with me. We are also beginning our third week of word study, which is developmental phonics-based spelling practice.

Kids are creating library book posters with Ms. Cyndi, to advertise their favorite Lewis library books. We created a system for this project as a team. Kids began by choosing a book. Then they wrote a blurb to give a short summary advertisement of the book, created thumbnail sketches to plan the layout of the heading, subheading, body text, and images before laying out their design on their final copy poster. A number of kids have been listening to some podcasts that I curated after reading this article about great podcasts for kids.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day in the classroom on Tuesday. As was mentioned in last week’s pink flyer, we will make Valentine “mail boxes.” Paper, ribbon, markers and other art supplies will be on hand, and if kids wanted to bring a shoebox, cereal box, or other “construction aids,” they certainly may.

Last, but not least, report cards will go home on Friday. Please sign and return your kid’s report card envelope by the following Monday.

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