Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Classroom Notes


The total is in…Lewis Elementary kids collected 715 food items for Project Second Wind and the Oregon Food Bank.

Having created a collection of photo stories for our current writing project, kids chose their best rough draft last week and began revising it independently, with a teammate, and with myself.

Kids practiced division with remainders and are continuing to work with fractions, including mixed and improper fractions. We are using the website, Woot Math, for some fractions practice. A login card is included with this week’s Classroom Notes, and kids are welcome to practice at home.

Also this week, kids learned about where soil comes from, rock types, and weathering during Reed Science. Lewis’s artist-in-residence, Ms. Gina, worked with the kids to complete a printmaking project.  Kids used their drawings from last week to carve a foam plate. Then they inked their plates and created prints that are now on display in our hallway. Kids are coding and programming with Ozobots during technology class with Mr. Jamesbarry.
This week we are doing more background work on Native American history. It’s important that students have an understanding of the broader story before focusing on those groups native to Oregon. We have learned about human origins, why and how people move from place to place, Columbus and the discovery myth, and what has happened to Indigenous Tribes over time. I read some from Howard Zinn’s, A Young People’s History of the United States. This week, kids will begin doing research in pairs on topics such as manifest destiny, the establishment of reservations, treaties, and so on. They will then create placards for our class timeline on their topics and present their learning to the class.

Speaking of Oregon history, forms for our April field trip to the Oregon Historical Society are included with today’s Classroom Notes. Please be sure to return the forms indicating your kid’s lunch preference with $1.00 to cover their TriMet fare by the 17th.

Regarding the upcoming state standardized testing, I have gotten some questions about opting out – the necessary forms are kept in the office. Please know that this year, opt-out forms must be submitted to the Lewis office before testing begins. Students who have opted out will be working on some independent tasks during our testing time. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have questions about these tests.

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