Friday, March 17, 2017


Artists often create collections. Artists can collect ideas from the world in which they live. They can collect physical objects. They can collect knowledge about work by other artists. These collections can be used in many ways. For example, artists can use collections as source material when drawing from observation.

For this project you will begin by making a collection in your sketchbook. You can collect single objects, such as baseballs. You can collect themes, such as sports balls.

As you draw your collection, focus on drawing the contour of each object. What is the basic shape? What are the key details?

Also as you draw, focus on drawing the texture of each object. How can you record the texture of a piece of fruit like a watermelon? How can you record the texture of dog, a flower, or a fish?

So making a collection around a theme with a focus on contour and texture is the first goal.

Once you have created your collection, choose your best. Know why. Then conference with Mr. Mark and he will give you a piece of paper for your final copy. Begin your final copy with pencil before moving on to Sharpie.

As you layout your final copy, please make an intentional arrangement on your page. We will talk more about layout strategies as a team when we arrive at that step.

But first, here are some examples of what you might collect as you begin.

Images from Hello!Lucky

Images from Beast USA by Patrick Smyczek

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