Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Classroom Notes


This week’s Classroom Notes are brought to you by Bella and Precious. Lewis Art Night on Thursday was amazing. It was more than amazing, it was spectacular! The animation art was beautiful! The docents were amazing. They reeled in the people so well and did a spectacular job showing them the artwork. They were amazed and surprised how the students made them. They were so interested. The Boom and Beats people were very talented. I could tell a lot of people enjoyed the show.

We're excited to head off on our field trip to the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center on May 19th! Don’t forget to wear your Team 20 T-Shirt! (From Mr. Mark: We are learning the story of people of Japanese descent before, during, and after World War II, with a focus on Japanese incarceration. We began with some background information on World War II and on early immigration to the United States from China and Japan. The kids were very curious about World War II and I did my best to give an age-appropriate explanation. I told the kids that if they want to learn more, it is not a topic to just “look up,” but is rather something to talk about with an adult in their lives. For our study, our primary resource is, a website about Japanese American history that was created by the Japanese American Literacy Project. It has specific resources for educators and students, including several that the kids are accessing through the Japanese Incarceration page on our classroom blog.)

We are working on making poetry this week. We started by going into the garden and observing things we see and hear. Thank you for all the people that shared the great things they observed. And thank you for adding so much detail to every sentence. I hope you are all excited to start the new projects we will be starting and finishing before the end of the year!

We are coming back to multiplication and practicing with multiplication bingo and we are also practicing odd numbers.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth grades will have a five session art residency with Alex Addy from the Obo Addy Legacy Project beginning this past Monday. Kids will learn about Ghanaian culture, music, and dance with a focus on drumming

Mark, Bella & Precious

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