Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Classroom Notes


Poetry Project – by Malcolm – This past Wednesday we all went on a poetry excursion to Reed Canyon. We went to four places in the whole thing. First we went to a forest type place, then an island place where we saw baby ducks, next we went to a bridge over the water, and then we went to a grassy place to play a game. The game was really fun. After choosing a partner, one person closed their eyes and the other person chose an object and had to use words to describe how their partner needed to move their pencil to draw the object. Once they said to open your eyes then you have to guess what you drew. The game had to do with poetry because the game required you to really observe and describe something carefully with words. We will continue collecting poetic images and eventually grow them into poems.  

Ghanaian Drumming – by Sophia – This week Mr. Alex Addy taught us about Ghanaian drumming. We learned new rhythms and beats that we are going to play at the performance on May 23rd. We also learned a new song on Friday. In this particular song we added instruments other than the regular drums – bells and a bass drum that was a square that you sit on. Mr. Alex says we’re going to learn more songs this year and we’re a good class. This year more classes were able to participate including 2nd, 3rd, and 5th graders, instead of just fourth. Many people are excited in Team 20 for the May 23rd performance from 9:30 to 10:30. Family is welcome to attend.

Also this week, we welcomed Mrs. Glasgow, Lewis’s new principal, to our room to share what we loved most about our school. We saw our first grade buddies perform a play version of The Great Kapok Tree. We have been reading Danny, the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. We are continuing to learn about Japanese incarceration during WWII as part of Oregon history.

Coming up, we will visit the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center on Friday. Please help your kid remember to wear their Team 20 t-shirt. I will send a reminder about who ordered school lunch the day prior to our trip. We have Field Day on Wednesday, May 24th. I know that the school is always looking for volunteers. The Spring Music Concert is Thursday, May 25th June 1st, beginning at 6:30.

Lastly, please send your kid with a water bottle each day, if possible. As you know, our classroom water fountain is not usable, and having a water bottle will help kids stay more comfortable and hydrated as the temperature climbs this spring.


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