Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Upcycled Fashions Created with Artist in Residence, Nancy Judd

Artist Statement
By Jaime, Kara and Mimi

Nature and built can go together. You can build things out of natural materials. For example, you can build a tree house with natural and built materials. The wood that forms the structure is natural because it comes from a tree. At the same time, the wood becomes a built material because it is processed by a big machine, trimmed, sawed and readied for constructing. A tree house could also have glass panes, which are made out of sand, a natural material. At the same time, the glass is built because it has been heated by machines and shaped into panes. A rope ladder with wooden rungs is built and natural. It could be made of cotton, which is a plant that is processed by machines. The rungs, again, are trimmed from wood into a cylinder shape. Our fashion shows the connection of natural and built. The top is made out of red tissue paper, which is processed and dyed wood. It is held together by black cotton thread and a shard of plastic, which is processed oil. The hat is made from tissue paper, wire, and a plastic milk cap, which is, again, processed oil. The skirt is made of the rim of a Ziplock bag and Douglas fir sticks for a ruffled appearance. The stand is a combination of a pine cone, a piece of cardboard, Douglas fir sticks, and a plastic container. It all comes together through nature.

Artist Statement
By Alex, Dima, Ian, Izzy and Wolf

Everything is ripped. So much is only used once. The wrapping paper and tissue paper used for the shirt, dress, and tail are ripped. They are used for the holidays to package presents and then are ripped open and thrown away. Only used once. The metal can, used for the belt and necklace, are ripped. They hold food for a meal and are then thrown away. Only used once. The cardboard used for the hat is ripped. It originally held cans of soda and is then thrown away. Only used once. The plastic in the necklace washed up from the ocean. It was used and somehow came to be there. It, too, is ripped, and unless plucked up becomes a part of sea, never disappearing.

Artist Statement
Bella, Lucy, Reuben and Sophia

Plastic is not going away. It never fully degrades. If you look at an ocean, you can see plastic on the beach along the high tide line. Soda bottles and wrappers line popular hiking trails in national and neighborhood parks. Landfills have layer upon layer of plastic. Plastic is not going away. We depend on it. Look around. Plastic is everywhere. It is in clothing, computers, carpet, glasses, toys, and cars. The fashion that we created is made of a combination of natural materials and plastic. By reusing the plastic we are keeping it from being a waste. It also shows how plastic is part of everyday fashion.

Artist Statement
By August, Aylaa, Luka and Silas

Our design is based on daily throwaways. The cape is made from thin layers of Styrofoam packing peanuts. You get a package in the mail and it comes with a bunch of packing peanuts so that whatever you purchased doesn’t break. You open the package, pull out the item, and immediately throw out the box and the packing peanuts in it. The dress is made from several layers of plastic grocery bag. When you go to the grocery store and buy food it is often placed in plastic bags. You take the food home and you just throw the plastic bags away. The hat is made from a toilet paper roll, foil, wrapping paper and ribbon, and an aluminum can. These are all things that are often used once and then thrown away. Our message is that things you use once and then immediately thrown away can actually be used multiple times.

Artist Statement
By Adam, Anna, Gus and Mikey

 Even superheroes can’t get rid of all the trash in the world, but they can try. Our upcycled fashion represents a superhero costume. The top is made from sewn tissue paper. The bottom is made from cut plastic Safeway bags. The cape is made from Styrofoam. The necklace is made from beach plastic and cut aluminum can. Some materials will degrade and go away like the tissue paper. Other materials will stay here forever in some capacity, like the Styrofoam cape, grocery bag skirt, and beach plastic and aluminum can necklace. We can all try to be superheroes by making choices about what we use and we do.

Artist Statement
By Aphia, Joah and Riley

The materials that create the components of our fashion make the idea of camping. The needle skirt represents the branches in a campfire. The shirt, made from orange tissue paper and dry oak leaves, represents the movement of a fire. The hat shows fire up on top with a marshmallow roasting over it. Camping is where you bring built materials into the natural environment. If you go camping, you escape the built areas of the world to experience the natural part of the world. When you are camping, you are creating value for nature.

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