Friday, June 8, 2018

Classroom Notes


Well…we have arrived. It is the last day of school. We, of course, had a very busy and productive week. We dismantled and cleaned our room. We shared our poetry collection. We met with our first grade buddies and enjoyed a Popsicle snack. We welcomed Alex Addy back to Lewis for a Ghanaian drumming and dancing performance. We had a wonderful Spring Music Concert for band and Boomin’ Beats. We put on two fantastic performances of our play, Team 20 News and the News Story Shenanigans. A very busy week indeed!

Our play performance is perhaps emblematic of our year together. We started by brainstorming plot ideas. Kids worked with their table buddies to justify and narrow the choices. We voted. We planned together by creating a story map to sequence scenes, incorporate details, and develop characters. We wrote the script by using the metaphor that ideas are like chains—we can link our ideas together. We practiced. We prepared. We shared with seven other Lewis classes! This is the way the kids have worked for much of the second semester. They brainstorm together, feeding off of each other’s ideas. They communicate and listen. They accept their roles. They follow directions. This was true when we organized the food drive. This was true when meeting with our first grade buddies. It was true during our poetry project. It was true when we were at science camp. It was true as we coordinated our school’s little free library. The kids have much of which to be proud!
And, once again, thank you for all the support you have provided over the year. We couldn’t have done all that we have done without that support.

I wish everyone a very enjoyable summer! As for me, the first part of our summer has our family in the mountains of North Carolina while Evie is teaching a drawing class. Then we will begin our family’s next chapter, moving to Tennessee for my wife’s new professor position. I look forward to being home with my twin three-year-old daughters and then returning to elementary teaching in a couple of years.


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