Google Apps for Education

Kids at Lewis have a Google Account through Google Apps for Education. One account allows you access to your Google Docs, Google Slides, and more.

As teacher, I can connect with your Google Apps in real time through Hapara Teacher Dashboard. For example, Hapara allows me to pull up a Google Doc of yours on my computer to conference with you during class time or leave comments in your Google Doc after school hours.

You can access your Google Account from any computer. All you need is an Internet connection. 

How to Access your Google Account in Three Steps

1. From a browser, preferably Chrome, go to

2. Click the sign in button in the top-right.

3. Type in your school username and password. Remember to include the four numbers in your username followed by  For example:

How to Find a File

Find a specific file from your Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Slides, and Google Sheets home screens.

How to Create a File

From the home screens, create a new document, presentation, or spreadsheet by clicking on the + button in the bottom-right.

How to Rename a File

1. Open the file.

2. Click Untitled document in the top-left.

3. Enter a new document name and click OK.

How to Upload Files to Google Drive

There are two ways to upload files and images to Google Drive.

Way #1: Drag and Drop

If you are using Chrome, you can drag a file from your desktop into Google Drive.

Way #2: Upload a File Using Google Drive

2. On the left, click New.
3. Select File upload.
4. Select the file you want to upload. 
5. You'll see a box that shows the progress of your file upload.  

How to Take a Picture with Your Chromebook and Save it to Your Drive

1. Click the Launcher.
2. Click Camera.
3. Click the red button to take a picture.
4. Pictures are automatically saved to the gallery. To see the gallery, click Gallery.
5. Highlight the picture you want and click Save.
6. Select My Drive.
7. Create a New Folder and give it a title.
8. Open the new folder.
9. Rename the file.
10. Click Save.


1. To turn the 5-second timer on or off, click Timer.
2. To turn multi-shot on or off, click Multi-shot.
3. To flip pictures form left to right, click Mirroring.

How to Insert a Picture from the Web into a Google Doc

How to Get More Help with Google Docs

The Google Docs Editors Help Center has step-by-step tutorials.