Links for Kids

Audiobooks - Read a book while you listen online.

Dictionary & Thesaurus - Look up spellings, definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, and antonyms.

EasyCBM - School district literacy and math assessment

Google Apps for Education - Access your Google Apps and how to sign into your account from home.

Lewis Food Drive - Resources for making your food drive sign

Lewis Student Page - The school's student website

Multiplication - Practice your multiplication facts.

Ms. Cyndi's Library Links - Access the Lewis Library Catalog, World Book Online, KidsInfoBits, and more.

Noisli - Use this site's white noise sounds to create your personal learning environment.

Oregon History Timeline Project - Resources for planning and making your timeline marker

Oregon Trail Map - From the National Park Service

Photo Stories - Use a photo to launch a story.

Podcasts - Listen to a Radiolab, Brains On!, But Why? or Eleanor Amplified podcast.

Read Along Books - The collection of audiobooks we made for our first grade buddies.

Recording Books Project - How to record a book for our first grade buddies.

SBAC Practice Tests - Become familiar with the website, problem types, and tools for testing.

Splash Math - Practice math facts and skills.

Typing Club - Practice your keyboarding skills. Sign in using your Google account.

Woot Math - Practice fractions, decimals, and ratios.

Word Study - Our routine, how to cut your sort, and weekly group introductions