Recording Books Project

Our reading buddies in Mrs. Logue’s first grade love to listen to books on their tablets!  For this project, you will record a book using your Chromebook.  The recorded audiobooks will then be put on a website for our buddies to enjoy.  To prepare to record your book, please follow these steps.  Here’s the system.

Choose a Book
Mrs. Logue and her kids looked through over fifty picture books to select the books that they really want for their listening center.  Choose a book from their selections.  Try the book.  Check that you can read it fluidly by reading the start.

Check in with Mr. Mark
Once you determine that you can read your chosen book fluidly, let him hear you read a couple of pages.

Prepare for recording.  Read the book many times.  Become more fluid with your reading.  Think about your audience and work toward meeting the following Recording Books Standards that we created.
  • read fluently (all the way through)
  • read with expression (and clearly)
  • read slowly for our audience, pausing at page turns

Conference with Mr. Mark
Before you begin the “public work” of recording your book by using your Chromebook, please sign up for a conference with Mr. Mark.  He will listen to you read a few selections that you have bookmarked in advance to see if your reading meets the standards we created as a team.

Record Your Book
Use your Chromebook to record your book using the following steps.
  • Go to
  • Press the red button to start recording.
  • Click "Allow" and "Close."
  • Press stop.
  • Click "Record again" and press the red button to start recording.
  • Record your book! If you go over seven minutes, you will need to record in two parts.
    • Read book title
    • Read author name
    • "Read by..."
    • "When you hear this sound [click-click], please turn the page."
  • Click "Save" and wait for it to save to 100% with the tab open.
  • Click "Click to save."
  • Select "My Drive." Then change the title to Audiobook Name" and click "Save."
  • Check to see that it saved by opening Google Drive and looking in My Drive.

Read Along Books
Our collection of audiobooks can be found at